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Varicose Veins – Treatment And Preventions

If you suffer from varicose veins in the legs, you know what pain, cramps, heaviness, tiredness, tingling and swelling. You may also know what is inflammation, thrombus formation, leg ulcers and bleeding. But believe that all these symptoms are treatable.

According to Varicose Veins Los Angeles CA specialists, treatment of varicose veins can be done with different techniques with laser foam, glucose, or in more severe cases, surgery. Some important recommendations for the treatment of varicose veins are:


  • Use compression stockings daily. Elastic stockings compress blood vessels, are similar to a pantyhose and should be placed in the legs upon waking, just being taken to shower and sleep. One can buy in pharmacies or hospital food stores, but always with medical advice.
  • Place a shim at the foot of the bed, to improve the return of blood to the heart.
  • Remedies for Varicose Veins: decrease fluid retention and improve venous return decreasing the chances of developing new varicose veins. They should be prescribed and directed by a physician.
  • Practice some kind of physical activity for so blood is pumped harder and heart capacity also improved, reducing the incidence of varicose veins.

The treatment of varicose veins also includes some care, how to avoid getting much sitting or standing time and put a wedge in the foot of the bed because this improves the return blood to the heart, reducing the varicose veins and their symptoms.

laser treatment for varicose veins

1) Laser treatment – The laser treatment for varicose veins is indicated to treat large varicose. Endovascular laser hurts, but closes the vein, eliminating the varicose vein and the vases that can be nourished by it. After using the laser it is important not to take the sun and spend a sunscreen to prevent the region from becoming stained.

2) Treatment with foam – The treatment of varicose veins with foam is effective in small varices, more suitable for the vases and the microvarices. The foam is a mixture of carbon dioxide with a liquid, which are applied together with an injection in varicose veins, which acts closing the vein.

3) Natural Treatment – A good natural treatment for varicose veins is to take a tablet of chestnut because this herb improves blood circulation and is a good option to complement the treatment indicated by the physician. You can buy nuts in pharmacies, drugstores, and health food stores, but it should only be taken when prescribed by the doctor.

4) Surgery – Surgery for varicose veins is recommended for the most severe cases where varicose veins are very thick, with more than one gauge finger, causing symptoms such as leg swelling, pain, and itching, which can cause complications. The recovery from varicose vein surgery depends on the amount and size of the veins are removed.

compression stockings

How to prevent varicose veins

To prevent varicose veins is important:

  • Exercise regularly;
  • Avoid being overweight;
  • Evaluate the possibility of not taking the pill;
  • Avoid staying too long sitting or standing quietly.

Following these measures is important to prevent the appearance of varicose veins or varicose veins around the old.

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