All About Big Rig Truck Diesel Particulate Filter

Big Rig Truck DPF delete kit problems are often caused by a clogged or full DPF (diesel particulate filter). The cause of clogged filters, additional failures or problems are often caused by the accumulation of soot in the particulate filter-DPF. Big Rig truck diesel particulate filter regeneration will thus be more likely to burn clean the DPF. However, the truck filter element has been so hidden that (excessive) regeneration will not help and has just the opposite effect.

Diesel Particulate Filter2

Big Rig Truck diesel particulate filter solution!

Owntheroad engineering takes care of besides the usual assembly operations, also the software modification that the regeneration process is written from the software.

Caution: Be at all times properly informed of its abilities. Owntheroad offers besides these modifications, namely a high-quality option for cleaning the soot filter, in many cases it is not necessary!

Symptoms of Roetfilter failures / problems.

  • DPF warning light flashes.
  • Increase the oil level is very common.
  • Excessive regeneration / constant.
  • Clogged / full-DPF particulate filter.
  • Big Rig truck touches in the emergency running program, there is therefore only minimal power available.
  • The truck drives are not properly recognized by the bumpy / punches.
  • The excessive smoking.

Diesel Particulate Filter

Immediate benefits; Removing Particulate Filter

  • All common faults, problems and error codes regarding the soot filter system be definitively excluded.
  • Because regeneration is no longer needed any more extreme temperatures. Thereby reducing the burden of the turbo.
  • By breathe better of the big rig truck will perform better car.
  • The economical running of the truck engines in both oil and diesel consumption.
  • Improvement in service intervals.
  • Oil dilution is precluded by excessive regeneration.
  • Particulate filter to remove a cheaper alternative of replacement!

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